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PulpMotion Advanced lets you create captivating slideshows from your digital images. Capture your memorable moments, then make them uniquely you with the help of PulpMotion's collection of picture-perfect slideshow templates. Drag and drop your images for a fun, frustration-free creation process. Wow your audience with audio captions and attention-focusing features. With PulpMotion, your photos take center stage. Stunning slideshows are only a few clicks away!
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About this Deal
PulpMotion Advanced is the next generation slideshow and animation software for your media.

PulpMotion Advanced creates slideshow based on highly customizable themes. It allows you to present your pictures as well as your video in a single animation you can share as video, screensaver or executable player.

PulpMotion Advanced makes your pictures come to life with animation created from regions of interest you can easily define with the integrated editor. Your pictures are no more static but reveal a new dimension. You can also record audio comments on the fly, add music and let PulpMotion Advanced take care of the synchronization and sound transitions.

Create never-seen-before animations in no time and tell you stories with style... with PulpMotion Advanced.


What does it do?
Create stunning animated slideshows from dozens of themes.
Who is it for?
If you love sharing your photos with family and friends, PulpMotion will help you add color and creative to your favorite digital memories.
Mac OS X 10.5 or later Quartz Extreme compatible card an iSight camera or DV camera (optional)
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