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MacFamilyTree creates amazing, interactive relationship charts and family trees based on your family history. Input family members and key events in your family's history then attach pictures, scanned documents, and notes to create an emmersive and insightful look at your past. You can serach multiple online genelogy resources from MacFamilyTree and with the iOS companion app you can update and display your family history on the go. Preserve and protect your familiy history for future generation with MacFamilyTree.
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MacFamilyTree puts a new complexion on genealogy: modern, interactive, convenient and fast. Start exploring your family tree in a way generations of chroniclers before you would have loved to do.

In MacFamilyTree, entering persons, their relationships and cornerstone events in your family's history is easier than ever. Store photographies of your ancestors directly in their person profiles, preserve birth certificates, marriage certificates, excerpts from church registers or newspaper articles as sources which verify your data.

Entering your family relations comfortably is one thing - getting amazing-looking, informative and meaningful charts compiled automatically by MacFamilyTree is an entirely different story. MacFamilyTree's sophisticated charts and reports will shed a new light on your family tree. Be it the 3D view called Virtual Tree, be it a plethora of different view an charts as for example the Family Tree chart, the Ancestor and Descendant charts, the narrative report, person and family reports or comprehensive statistics.

  • MacFamilyTree turns dates, names and facts into informative and impressive reports and diagrams.
  • Interview contemporary witnesses and store audio and video recordings along with your own notes
  • Use the ToDo feature to stay ahead of your tasks, like investigating a person more closely
  • Sync your data with other Macs running MacFamilyTree or with MobileFamilyTree Pro for iPhone/iPad
  • Search renowned Internet sources from within MacFamilyTree and conveniently add the new information to your own data
  • The Web Export feature lets you publish your family tree as a website
  • The further enhanced GEDCOM import and export helps collaborating and exchanging information with a relative more easily

If you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the separately available MobileFamilyTree Pro application allows you to continue your research on the go. Save time that, otherwise, you'd spend scribbling notes and then transcribing them later on by directly entering the data in MobileFamilyTree Pro. After the work is done, simply sync the new information with MacFamilyTree so your new discoveries will be up to date on your Mac, as well.

MacFamilyTree speaks 15 different languages. A comprehensive User Guide, regularly updated questions and answers and video tutorials on our website make your first steps as easy as possible. Start researching your family tree today with MacFamilyTree.


What does it do?
Create complex, interactive family trees.
Who is it for?
If you're looking for a better way to preserve and showcase your family history, you need MacFamilyTree.
OS X 10.5 or later
Synium Software GmbH

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