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Mac App Blocker gives you customizable privacy options for every app on your Mac. Add impenetrable password protection to individual apps. Set time-out options for automatic locking. Track failed login attempts. Whether you're safeguarding your apps from family members, co-workers, or guests, Mac App Blocker gives you complete control over your security features. They're your apps -- protect them from unwanted visitors!
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About this Deal
With Mac App Blocker, you can password-protect every application on your Mac. Keep your apps and your Mac safe. Set a timeout value to automatically exit the protected application so even when you leave your computer unattended, you're still protected.

Keep it Secure

Kids, co-workers, family members, guests - no worries. You pick which apps will be protected and Mac App Blocker keeps them secure. Tracks failed attempts to access the protected apps - so you'll know when it happened with date, time, and optional photo capture.

Protect Your Privacy

Mail, Safari, Firefox, your favorite journaling application, iPhoto and any other application you use - will be protected. And with the automatic exit feature, you don't have to worry about leaving the applications running when you are away from your Mac.

Automated Features

Set a timeout value and your inactive application will exit automatically after the selected time period has elapsed. New in Version 2.0 - add a schedule to unblock apps on specific days amd times. Very useful for parents who like to limit computer time.

Protect Your Mac

Add System Preferences to the Mac App Blocker list and feel confident that your settings are protected from accidental (or intentional) misuse. Add Terminal and Activity Monitor to the Blocked Apps list to lock down your Mac even more.

Relax - It's Safe

Mac App Blocker does NOT modify any system or application files on your Mac. It works with the apps and settings that you currently use. You select which apps get blocked and if you decide to remove Mac App Blocker, simply move the app to the trash.

More Automated Features

New in Version 2.0 - Network aware unblocking. Add a WiFi network and whenever you're connected to that network, automatically unblock the app or ALL apps with the new Global settings. Global settings also works for the new Scheduling option.


What does it do?
Lock and password protect your individual apps.
Who is it for?
If you have private information on your Mac, protect it with Mac App Blocker.
OS X 10.6 or later
KnewSense, LLC

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