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Pagico is an organizer for your notes, lists, contacts, and more. Transform your to-do list into an interactive flow chart. Create powerful cross-links and reminders. Sync your data with the Cloud to keep track of crucial appointments and deadlines on the go. Purchase today from MacUpdate Promo and get a free upgrade to version 6 when it's released later this month. Finally, you can manage all your daily data from a single app -- only with Pagico!
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Today's promotion for Pagico Professional includes a free upgrade to version 6, which is available as a public beta today with the final version scheduled to be released later this month.

Pagico is a personal database that helps you to manage and keep track of everything: notes, tasks, lists, files, projects and contacts. You can store all kinds of things in its database, and Pagico will get everything neatly organized, and remind you of upcoming (and overdue, of course) tasks. Rather than just overwhelming you with lists of todo's, Pagico presents all your upcoming schedule in a visually appealing chart.

Pagico is different than most other task planning programs. Here are a few highlights:

  • Interactive schedule flowchart based on your todos
  • Manage everything in one place: Notes, lists, tasks, and files
  • Simple yet powerful cross links --- you can create hyperlinks between almost everything
  • Dynamic project browser based on tags
  • iPad application available with cloud-based data sync (sold separately in the Apple AppStore)
  • Cloud-sync available to sync data between your devices, and your team.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Pagico is available on Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu.


What does it do?
Organize your notes, lists, contacts, and more.
Who is it for?
Whether you're organizing your school work, business documents, or personal notes, Pagico is a fast a efficient solution.
Mac OS X 10.5 or later
Pagico Software, Inc.

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