Hype brings your web content to life with interactive HTML5 animations that look great on any browser. Use intuitive recording processes that require no coding or keyframe animation. Simply move your on-screen content and Hype does the rest. Finally, you can engage your users with captivating animated content -- get Hype today!
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About this Deal
Hype allows you to create beautiful animated and interactive Web content and was the winner of the 2011 Macworld Editors' Choice Award

Hype's HTML5 output works on all modern browsers and mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. No coding required.

Interactivity & Animations
  • Hype's keyframe-based animation system brings your content to life. Click "Record" and Hype watches your every move, automatically creating keyframes as needed. Or, if you'd prefer to be more hands-on, manually add, remove, and re-arrange keyframes to fine-tune your content. Hype lets you make as many scenes as needed, and a variety of actions can switch between scenes using smooth transitions. Use the power of multiple timelines to run animations based on mouse/keyboard events.

  • Hype outputs state of the art HTML5, CSS3 styles, and JavaScript. It supports cutting edge features like blurring, hue shifts, box shadows, reflection, and 3D transformations. Hype tries hard to deliver 100% fidelity across all browsers. Yes, that even includes IE 6! When there are no good fallbacks, Hype warns about browser incompatibilities, so you're never caught by surprise.
  • Hype's scene editor is powered by WebKit, the same modern rendering engine that powers Safari. What you create in Hype is what your viewers will see in the browser. Hype's rich inspector lets you dive in and easily tweak every aspect of your content. Intelligent guidelines, arrangement, and sizing tools give fine control over element placement.
  • Hype creates an entirely self-contained directory that holds all the resources and JavaScript for your content. Upload that directory to your web server, copy and paste three lines of HTML into your existing web page, and you're good to go. If you have a Dropbox account, Hype can publish to your Dropbox public folder for easy sharing. Hype also can export as an iBooks Author widget.
  • Hype provides a rich set of tools for styling, but sometimes you need to get hands-on. Every element's inner HTML is only a couple clicks away and all of your changes are rendered on the fly, giving a live preview as you edit. The integrated JavaScript editor lets you write custom functions triggered by user actions or at set times. The Hype JavaScript API can manipulate the scenes from inside or outside of the embedded Hype content.
Native OS X Experience
  • Hype was written in Cocoa exclusively as a OS X app, adopting most new Mountain Lion features and is gorgeous on Retina displays. It is intuitive and easy to use, letting you focus on creating great content. Hype launches in a second.


What does it do?
Create gorgeous HTML5 content without writing a single line of code.
Who is it for?
If you want to create interactive and animated content that looks great on both mobile and desktop browsers, you need Hype.
OS X 10.6.6 or later
Tumult Inc.

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