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Personalize the way you monitor your email with Mail Perspectives. Customize and save your email window arrangements for an inbox that's easier to scan for important emails without interrupting your workflow. Tame the window chaos and focus on the task at hand with Mail Perspectives.
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Mail Perspectives extends Mail's user interface to tame window chaos and make it easier to monitor your important mail and mailboxes.

Our experience of working with Mail has taught us that organizing email involves more than just tagging, categorizing and acting on messages. It also requires quick and easy access to important emails and mailboxes. We have found that traditional Mail browsers are very Inbox-centric and it is too easy to forget about key messages no longer in Inbox. Access to these messages is difficult and slow, especially when there are numerous mailboxes to navigate.

Mail Perspectives elegantly solves these problems by adding four new windows to Mail to make it easier to monitor mailboxes and visually organize the Mail environment. The new Perspective Window is a compact window that displays the essential details of the messages belonging to selected mailboxes in either single message or list mode. The Quick Look Window previews full messages without the need to create an extra window for each message. The Recent Mail Window is an up-to-date list of messages that have recently arrived. The Mail Actions Window is a convenient window to provide access to common mail actions such as check messages and compose mail without the overhead of a full message browser.


What does it do?
Customize the interface of Apple Mail, allowing you to focus on the emails that matter.
Who is it for?
If monitoring email is critical to your workflow, you'll love the compact, customizable windows in MailPerspectives.
Mac OS X 10.6 or later
Indev Software

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