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iStudio Publisher is the easy to use desktop publishing app for users of all skill levels that will help you create ready to print documents quickly and easily. iStudio Publisher features dynamic columns, wrapping, layout, shadows, styles, art and more to make your projects standout and get noticed. Get professional quality desktop publishing at a price anyone can afford, with iStudio Publisher.
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About this Deal
iStudio Publisher is an easy-to-use page layout application for desktop publishing on Mac, perfect for designing anything you want to layout and print.

Create stunning, professional quality documents with ease, including newsletters, brochures, adverts, flyers, invitations, menus, reports, posters, greetings cards, and yearbooks. Start with a professionally designed template or a blank document of any size.

Users of all ages and experience can master iStudio Publisher quickly. If you’re new to page layout and desktop publishing, our Video Tutorials and Rapid Start Guide will help you. Experienced users will love iStudio Publisher’s sophisticated features.


What does it do?
Create professional, ready to print, documents quickly and easily with iStudio Publisher.
Who is it for?
If it's your first ever project or just your first project of the day, iStudio Publisher has the tools and intuitive interface to make your publishing projects get noticed.
Mac OS X 10.4 or later
iStudio Software Limited

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