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With Panorama Maker Pro, you can expand your images into majestic panoramas. Choose from five flexible stitching modes to create your masterpiece, then preview and manage your product for flawless printing. Make your images larger-than-life -- get Panorama Maker Pro today!
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About this Deal

Panorama Maker is all you need for panorama making.

Panorama Maker stitches any series of overlapping photos into a dazzling panoramic image in a matter of seconds. As one of the most smart panorama creators, it provides you an easy way to create panoramas at home like a Pro. All you have to do is select the photos you want included, and Panorama Maker will auto-organize the photos into the proper order, then stitch them into a seamless panorama. When you're done, you can order panorama prints from ArcSoft or save for later sharing with colleagues, clients or friends.

"ArcSoft Panorama Maker is a simple and elegant way for users to convert multiple images into one panoramic image. Its sleek design and ease of use place it among the best programs we've seen."


Why Panorama Maker:

  • Make your own panorama masterpiece within seconds
    • 3 steps for superb panorama making: auto-select, auto-stitch, save
    • 5 stitch modes for your pick: Auto, Horizontal, 360, Tile, and Vertical
    • Various kinds of photos available to make Panorama: vast landscapes, towering skyscrapers, mountain ranges, etc.
  • Comprehensive photo editing tools meet your customized needs
    • Additional editing tools like Align Points and Photo Blend to achieve optimum effects of your panorama
    • A handful of Manual editing tools to ease crop, straighten, adjust color and exposure effects
    • Add frames and titles to copyright your panorama
  • Popular image formats are available for editing and printing
    • Support all popular image formats from your camera, phone, network, hard drive, scanner, or memory card
    • Save panorama in various formats for later online or offline sharing
    • Order your panorama print from ArcSoft in a snap


What does it do?
Create stunning panoramic images from your photos and videos.
Who is it for?
If you have a creative spark, you'll enjoy the process of stitching your images and videos into wide-screen masterpieces.

OS X 10.7.3 or later

Arcsoft, Inc.

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