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1stFlip Flipbook Creator is a professional digital HTML5 and Flash flipbook tool that allows you to convert static PDF files into digital page flipping magazines, brochures, catalogs, and e-books.
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1stFlip Flipbook Creator allows you to convert PDFs to a digital flipping book. This makes for a great tool for creating online advertising and marketing catalogs, brochures, magazines, etc. Real book experience with a digital publishing style.
  • Convert your static PDF to an interactive digital publication complete with beautiful page-flipping effects.
  • Import certain pages of a PDF file, preserve original bookmarks, links, or enable searching in the outputed flipbook.
  • Supports making flipbooks in 3 formats: .html, .zip and .app.
  • Supports creating a mobile version of your flipbook to read on iPhone, iPad or Android devices.
  • Various templates, scenes, background music, magnifier, full-screen, auto-flip, thumbnails and many other features of flipbooks give readers the best reading experience.
  • Instantly upload flipbooks to the cloud and with a single click share them to your social networks or embed them on a website or blog.
  • Manage all of your uploaded flipbooks in the Online Gallery, where you can edit privacy settings, tagging, and much more
  • Google analytics integration allows you to easily track the traffic generated from each flipbook
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What does it do?
Create beautiful digital publications.
Who is it for?
Media professionals will love the power of flipbook creator.
OS X 10.6 or later

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