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Designs for Mail brings you a diverse collection of templates for creating customized email messages in Apple Mail. Choose a lively seasonal template for a family newsletter. Or select a sharp, sophisticated design for a business proposal. Designs for Mail’s selection is constantly expanding, so you’ll always have access to the latest templates.
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Designs for Mail is an excellent collection of 210 stationery templates for Apple’s Mail. Just choose a template, add your text and photos, and send the exceptional email to your client, workmate, or friend.

The available designs range from the elegant Red Red Wine to the outright kooky Easter Chicken. You will definitely find a template that suits your style, and the selection will be regularly expanded with new stylish designs.

Using Designs for Mail is a cinch: Just download the application and open it to view the templates. Click on a specific design to open it in Apple’s Mail or select all designs and click Save Stationery to access them in Mail’s stationery chooser.


What does it do?
A diverse collection of templates for creating customized emails in Apple Mail.
Who is it for?
Whether you need a fun, seasonal, or professional email template, Designs for Mail has you covered.

OS X 10.6.6 or later


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